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In 2010 I made a significant change in my life. After 30 years of working for a salary  I put my artwork at the center of my life.  No longer as a side hobby to spend time on if and when I had time, but a central part of my life to which I am dedicating myself 

This is the essence of why I opened my studio “Ariela's Mosaics” in Maccabim   (Modiin area). In the studio I create my mosaic art, as well as per the specific requests of my clients and teach one time and ongoing courses

I arrived at mosaic art after experiencing many different art forms. Looking back I can see that I have always been drawn to mosaic art and I now feel as if I have “arrived home”. Mosaic work with different types of materials has captured my heart. The magic starts with a pile of colourful pieces, square tiles and old porcelain utensils and ends with the creation of something new, colourful and useful. This magic gets me every time as if it was the first time that I created something

I enjoy the process of taking an abstract idea and watching it come to life before my eyes and then sharing the creating with people around me

In this same way, I enjoy teaching, being part of a creation made by my students and helping my students bring out the creativity that is hidden within them

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